Spring Summer

2017 Collection

Photographer: Idoia Telleria ??Makeup/Hairdressing: Garbi Garai ??Model: Sara Loinaz? First Models Spain

Photographer: Idoia Telleria

Makeup/Hairdressing: Garbi Garai

Model: Sara Loinaz

First Models Spain

The collection tells us the experience of living in a very different culture and the feeling of not being the same person to return to their daily life, to realize that it does not fit the same as before, where it feels more nomadic than ever.

The collection is composed of cotton and viscose dresses made with knitting fabric,in different colors like green, ink blue, black and white.

As always, the prints made handcrafted in manual silk printing with ecological ink are presents.

We see unique and creative stamping of stains and texts with messages as well: BE IT, the other side of the life …

Nerea Lurgain invites you to be a nomad for a moment and to travel with her to her private world where you will find comfortable, original, quality clothes and made with full of care in local workers.

By purchasing a garment from this collection you are contributing / collaborating with 5% to one of the projects with which the designer has collaborated.