Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Collection created in March 2014 inspired by the strong feeling caused by a long relationship breakdown.

Sadness for the loss of love, anguish, longing, pain, lack of strength to take reality and the fear of facing a new road.

The black color is the basis of the collection, the dark which we find at the time. The stampado created by hand-painting reminiscent a wall that cracks and falls into pieces over time as in a pair neglect.


The nodes represent problems in couples and desagujados (holes made on purpose to weave them) in point tricot parts are empty, thereby creating the lack of trust and support each other.

The golden color of the trimmings are the splash of color and luz. Hay hope the drift. And zippers, will open at will, as always waiting for us on a new path that the safest it better.